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E-commerce is a wider terminology that deals with doing business online. When we say online, we refer to the internet. Today, a great number of people across the world are selling their products online and they have set up their online platforms where they showcase their products and people in search of those products buy from them.

If you want to do online business or in simple terms want to sell products online, then you need two major things – A product to sell and a platform where you’ll sell.

In this article, we’ll talk about the ways to sell products with an e-commerce store.

Where To Sell?

There’s no shortage of platforms to sell. Hundreds of such platforms are accessible online where you can start selling your products within a few minutes or hours. The real difficulty is finding the right platform to sell and determining the most suitable platform for your products.

Do Some (Extensive) Research

Before starting any online business, it is important to do your homework or research. Your research objectives should be to identify the value or worth of your product(s). You need to know whether there is a big population of users or only limited groups of people are interested in your products.

Furthermore, you need to do some research on market competition. It is critical to identify the level or intensity of market competition. Targeting a high competition or growing market means chances of growth are relatively higher, provided the number of the target audience is also increasing.

Identify Your Target Audience

An important part of selling products with e-commerce is to identify your target audience. If you’re unaware of your target audience, then selling a product with e-commerce is like throwing your product in the air. You need to be very well aware of the target audience and the group of people who are your potential clients. For instance, if you’re selling cameras, then your target audience is people related to photography/videography or aspirant photographers.

Identifying the target audience helps to channelize your marketing strategy and campaign. Only after knowing the target audience, you’ll be able to make your marketing strategy successful.

Choose Between Hosted And Self-Hosted Platforms

Now that you have decided to sell products with e-commerce, you need to choose between hosted and self-hosted platform. A hosted platform is like renting a house and the self-hosted platform is like buying a house. Most probably you know the difference between renting and buying. We try to understand this with their respective advantages. When you rent a house, you can’t make physical changes to it without getting permission from the owner—in the case of buying the house, you’re the owner and you can make as many changes as want.

Some popular hosted platforms are Shopify and Big Commerce and self-hosted platforms include Woo Commerce and Magneto. If you’re planning to build a B2B e-commerce store, then it is better to consult a B2B e-commerce development agency.

Choose a suitable platform for your products. If you’re expecting to grow your business to a large scale over time, then it is better to go with a self-hosted platform. You’ll be able to perform customization to add different features to your store.

Setup Your Store

After selecting an e-commerce platform, it’s time to set up your store. Most of the e-commerce platforms are easy to use but if you want to ensure that everything is perfectly aligned, then you can get professional assistance from a B2B e-commerce development agency.

Your store should be responsive, attractive, and scalable if you want to succeed. Make sure that your store is accessible across all the platforms and devices because a great share of e-commerce buyers comes from mobile phones. Your e-commerce store should be responsive to provide the same high-quality user experience across all kinds of devices whether mobile phone, computer, or tablet.

Build A Marketing Strategy

This is the part that you need to focus more on building your e-commerce store. Building a strong and well-thought marketing strategy defines the chances of your success in the e-commerce industry. You can opt for multiple ways to market your e-commerce store or products.

  • Paid Advertising – One of the widely used marketing methods is the paid advertisement. There are many advertising channels that advertise your products after you pay them money.
  • Affiliate Marketing – Another popular and old e-commerce marketing method is affiliate marketing. There are thousands of affiliates who market your products in various ways and you pay them a specific percentage over each sale. It is an efficient marketing method.
  • Social Media Marketing – With the growth of social media platforms, social media marketing has also become very popular and effective. It also involves paying money to social media platforms for advertising your products or e-commerce store.


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